Our Ethos at Firefly

At Firefly, we believe strongly in great design and insist upon the
highest standards of quality for everything we make. All that we do is lovingly made the artisan way: hand-crafted by skilled people in small batches from pure and, where possible, natural materials, such as cottons, linens and wools.

Firefly Home handmade crewelwork cushions


The artisan way.

Quality Products

Here at Firefly we are committed to providing our customers with high quality products, and providing friendly efficient customer service, meeting excellent standards that our customers expect.

Green Packaging

Here at Firefly we promote green packaging, and are highly aware of the impact that standard plastics and such like have on our oceans, rivers and lakes, also unprecidented landfill sites, therefore it is our mission to eradicate this as much as possible from our footprint. All of our boxes, tape, labels and promotional cards are produced from 100% recycled materials, along with the bags we use to ship our cushions in, which are 100% biodegradable using vegetable components, so they can be placed in the compost bin. We kindly ask that you follow our ethos and recycle or compost the packaging materials our products are shipped in.